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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2006|09:36 pm]
So I've been studying for music history, but I really can't process anymore listening. I think I'll be okay. Dan's studying geography on my bed and I'm trying my best not to be a distraction, so I'm posting here instead.

Homecoming went pretty well. Dance was alright. I looked amazing and only had a couple of freak outs about the number of people packed into the atrium. Parade was crazy windy. I can't believe I managed to spin like that. We were getting hit with flags like crazy and you know it's bad when I'm afraid to just palm roll. I was terrified for tossing in the game, because Thorne Field is always worse than the rest of the world for wind, but it had actually died down pretty well by then. Threw and caught all 4 of my tosses, though I'm still quite grateful that we were doing show 1 (show 2 has a horizontal). The football team lost. Badly. No shock there. Ran back to go to the Signature Alumni thing. Pretty much no one showed up, but Dr. Carter wins life. I love her. Then I was a GT groupie and went out with that whole crowd for dinner. It was fun and Dan let me pay (yay!). This morning was church as always, brunch, Signature Inductions (I take good pictures and look pretty). And then here to study for the listening exam while Dad studies for geography (yay taking advantage of Homecoming open house). All chant sounds the same, but I think I'll be alright.

Going home Wednesday! Yay! And bringing the Daniel with me. I'm excited about seeing the band (Dan, Dad and I will be at the show and I'll probably stop by a little of rehearsal). I need to remember to actually study for my C.S. Lewis midterm over break sometime.
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(no subject) [Oct. 7th, 2006|11:47 am]
So I think the reason I haven't updated in 4 months is that I feel some obligation to write about everything that's happened in the past 4 months. Summer was good. I met awesome people, got to hang out with some awesome 13 year olds, and was homesick most of the time.

Moving on. School is going well. My schedule's bizarre in that I have 8 am every day, but most of my afternoons free, and then rehearsals all night. Such is the life of a music major. I just have to convince myself to do work with those afternoons.

I'm absolutely loving living with the Lindsay. She is wonderful.

Things with the boy are quite good. I love Daniel Michael Spagnesi very very much. And will now shut up about it.

I really need to get over my fear of doctors sometime in the next hour or so.

No game today. Woot. As much as I love performing and football, it eats my weekends.

I've been practicing a lot more this semester. I absolutely adore my concerto (Howard Hanson, Serenade for Flute, Harp and Strings). I don't think I've ever fallen more in love with a piece. I just want to do it justice (though the more I work on it, the more I realize it could be capable of winning-- not getting my hopes up).

That's enough random thoughts for now. Off to lunch with the boyfriend and roommate. Life is good.
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(no subject) [Jun. 5th, 2006|02:23 pm]
I leave for Dan's house and then camp in a couple of hours. I'll still be checking email, but not as often. I'll be back for one day August 5th and then leaving for another week, then I'll be at band camp at TJ, followed by band camp at GCC. Send me love:

Julie O'Roark
New England Camp Cherith
P.O. Box 154
Alfred, ME 04002
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(no subject) [May. 23rd, 2006|03:48 pm]
I fail at life. Really. Now, I'm not saying I fail at everything, just real life stuff. I'm good at school and dealing with people. It's real life crap like banking and making appointments that I absolutely hate and absolutely fail at. Maybe that just means I suck at being an adult.

My current problem: I need a physical for camp. Not a big deal, I should be able to call the doctor, go in, get them to sign the paperwork, right? Wrong. Apparently these are things you have to schedule months in advance. I've never scheduled a doctor's appointment before in my life; how the hell was I supposed to know this? The pediatric center, which is still listed as my primary care physician, can't get me in until August, which does me absolutely no good. I only found out I was hired a couple of weeks ago! So I have an appointment for June 5th, which is also the day I leave, with my dad's doctor. This is way after my medical forms are due at camp, but I emailed the camp director. I hope it will be okay. And while on the phone with the pediatric center I forgot to ask them about my immunization record, which is in the section of the form that I'm supposed to fill out, but I have no freakin clue when I got any of these shots. I'm having these horrible visions of me losing this job over my inability to schedule a doctor's appointment. I think I'd have to just curl up and die if that was why I ended up stuck here in some nonsense job all summer. Oh, and since I'm going to dad's doctor, I need to get my primary care physician switched on the insurance records. Somehow I think I'm going to screw that one up too. I hope this all works out.

And this is kind of amusing, but when I'm already really frustrated, it was just pissing me off. I was sitting in the living room and I here this irregular ticking noise coming from the corner of the house. I finally go over to investigate and there's a little bird pecking at the window above our front door. I scare away and it leaves. And yet it keeps coming back. I'll scare it away, the noise will stop for five or ten minutes and then it will start again. What in the world is this bird trying to accomplish by spending all day pecking at this window? Why this specific window? I've watched him fly past other windows in the house to get to this one. It makes absolutely no sense and I can't get him to go away. He's driving me crazy.

and now that I'm done ranting...

My boyfriend is now 21. He is old. But I love him anyway.
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(no subject) [May. 12th, 2006|11:02 am]
My CivLit professor from last year was killed in a car accident last night. As much as I hated the class and don't think he was a very good professor (and think he was a little creepy), it's not like I thought he was evil. And it's the fault of his class that Dan and I are together (we became friends through Crime and Punishment: The Musical?). I'm concerned for his family; he has a young son, if my memory serves the kid is around 9. Dan put it beautifully saying, "I take some comfort though...where before Dr. Price could only study Dante's Paradiso and the creative imaginings of the human mind--now he can experience fully the wonder and joy that is being with the Lord in heaven." I take heart in that.

One of the Zerbe nurses died this week as well, rather unexpectedly. I remember her being incredibly kind to me on the occasions I was in there this year. She offered me chicken soup when I had my cough.

I feel rather surrounded by death right now. It's odd, and kind of depressing.
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(no subject) [May. 4th, 2006|09:49 pm]
Pappap died earlier this evening. I'm surprisingly okay. I mean, it's sad and I'm going to miss him and I'm sure this is going to hit me eventually, but the man was 94 years old. He was suffering. It really was his time.

I'm more worried about the family. Mom's brothers and sisters lost their baby sister last summer and now their dad. And my extended family has always been defined as Pappap and his descendants. I'm not sure how well we'll stay cohesive now; there are an awful lot of us.

Dad told me in an email. I got a phone call for the cat, but an email for this.
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Warning: emotional Julie rantings to follow... please don't worry about me [May. 2nd, 2006|08:58 pm]
I have an irrational fear of doctors because I associate them when Mom was sick. It's not that I blame them; it's that everytime there was a doctor's appointment she came home with bad news.

PapPap is getting worse. We won't have him for too much longer. I wonder what happens if I have to go to a funeral during finals.

Dad, Jeremy and Jessica are coming up for Parents' Weekend. That will be nice, as will meeting Dan's parents. But I'm missing a parent. I wish she had been able to make it up last year.

Mother's Day flute choir is playing at the nursing home. Maybe good, maybe not, as that day I think I'll just want to curl up in a ball and forget about the world. Last year Mother's Day I called home and talked to Mom. She couldn't talk back.

My cough is finally getting a little better. I'm not coughing so hard that I cry anymore.

I feel guilty for leaving Dad home alone this summer, but I just can't take being there, probably spending my time in a meaningless job. I can't take being home for my birthday.

I am entirely incapable of standing up for myself. It takes a lot for me to tell someone when something's bothering me, even when I feel personally attacked.

Some days I wondering if I'm really getting better at all.
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(no subject) [Apr. 10th, 2006|02:23 pm]
[Current Location |G-Kim's Dorm Room!]
[mood |excitedexcited]

I'm in Boston!

Grace is out talking to professors, so I've taken over her computer to give you all an update.

Flight things were good. I spent quite a bit of time in the Pittsburgh Airport, but after everything got sorted out, I ended up on a direct flight, which was nice. And today I navigated the T all by myself. I feel so well travelled.

MIT was amazing. You can tell a good time when the first night there you lay in a giant hammock strung between two buildings, watch large explosions in the courtyard from the roof and make liquid nitrogen ice cream. Caro left me alone for a little while, but I actually felt not awkward hanging out with her friends. All around a good time.

Kathryn got back from crew things last night, but I didn't get to see her much, which is a shame.

Caro's pretty hosed this week, so this afternoon I got shipped off to Grace at Boston College, which is where I am now. Haven't really done anything here yet but eat, but it's Grace Kim, so I know I'll have a grand time, even if it's just following her to class.

And I've been a good girl and done some Russian History, though I totally just fell asleep on Grace's floor while reading.

Chistopher Gery is coming up on Wednesday. This is going to be a rocking good time, mini WaHo reunion. It's so good to see everybody.

I hope all is going well with the Touring Choir and everyone else's breaks
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;DRKIJS'EI;RTYS; [Mar. 23rd, 2006|05:21 pm]
[mood |pissed offpissed off]


I'm a little upset... maybe a lot upset. We've been working so hard, we already have almost half of it choreographed and they tell us that due to "scheduling issues" we won't be holding the talent show this year. I understand that with the way break falls time is tight, but really the problem is that they waited too long to schedule it. What about a Wednesday night or a Saturday afternoon. So attendance will be a little lower to something like that... so what. Choreographing the indoor show was my biggest stress reliever this semester and now there's no point. I guess we can keep what we've written for next year, but there is no way this doesn't completely suck.
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(no subject) [Mar. 11th, 2006|12:48 am]
Thank God this week is over. And I actually had an okay day today. Robert W. Smith wins life. I wish I hadn't had to leave the reading session for the solfeg test (ick).

Band concert, flowers all went well. Dan's parents bought me flowers, which has to be the cutest thing ever. I'm glad they love me despite having yet to actually meet me. And if we judge by flowers, Dan's parents love me more than mine (not that I expect Dad to do the flower thing).

Game night was good, though I watched a lot of the night. I dunno, just wasn't in the mood and we had an odd number for catchphrase. The game night crowd never ceases to make me laugh. I hope Kim keeps coming; she's great.

getting up at the crack of dawn tomorrow for a secular choral literature workshop. Then we have our first colorguard practice! We're throwing this together kinda last minute, but it's still gonna rock. I am so excited.
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